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There simply is a lot to choose from when it comes to rank tracking API for SEO0-software companies and agencies. With all the varied choices, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed that you end up undecided. To help you in making a choice, let us look into some important factors you will need to be mindful of.


Search Engine Diversity 


Check if the rank tracking API for SEO-software companies and agencies you are testing merely tracks one search engine. If it does, you are only tracking results to a particular extent. And there can be several exceptions for each campaign. This means you could be missing out on a lot of rankings you need to monitor.


What if your client is targeting a specific audience and that audience is not using the search engine that your tool is tracking? This means you are not able to do your job. So make sure that the tool you have in mind supports different kinds of search engines. 


Rank updates 


Rank updates can be quite questionable and ambiguous. Nevertheless, these are truly needed. And there are only a handful of tracking tools like google keyword rank checker api that update rankings frequently.


What you need is a tool that shows you real time rank updates. Take note that changes are not arbitrary because there will be reactions to each action. So it would be to your advantage to have a portal where you can explore changes. Once a tracking tool is not able to tell you how often it updates rankings, it is time to look into other options. Week-old rankings are not fresh ranks. What you need is something that gives you updates several times a day each day.


Redundant Features 


There are rank trackers and keyword api that claim to be complete search engine optimization tools. However, do you truly need all the different features they offer? Would you be better off with a rank tracker that focuses solely on keyword ranking? 


It would be to your advantage to have a rank tracker that specializes in what it should be focusing on: tracking rankings. If it offers other features, check if it charges extra or you can benefit from additional features without paying extra. What is important is for you to have what really matters in a rank tracking API: ranks,


White Label Reports 


Check if your tracker allows you to generate reports you can brand with your logo. If a tracker does not provide this option, it is not worth trying. Your brand and logo matters and it is important that you are able to have them placed on the reports you present to your clients. So make sure you rank tracking API allows you to do this.